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Having a question about your Mailbox application, how to fill form 1583 or simply looking for more information about our portfolio of Mail and Freight Forwarding services? Complete the form below to reach one of our experts for a quick answer to any question you may have. For Self-service and quicker answers, we have prepared a detailed Frequently Asked Questions. You can also use the old fashion phone and call our Consumer Advocate Hotline +978.851.0199

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I complete Form 1583

Form 1583 can be prefilled for you and sent to you for final signature and Notary. You may complete the form yourself for a faster processing. Please review this article for How To Complete Form 1583

How Do I Know Wen My Mailbox Has Mail?

You will receive an email from our U.S Mail Processing department whenever a package or a letter is received in your mailbox. The email will include the sender information and any available tracking details. You can then decide if you wish to Hold, Forward or Shred.

Is The Address A PO Box?

No. Our Mailbox addresses are based on a genuine U.S Street Address with your own Private Mailbox Number (PMB) or Suite Number for Business Accounts.

Sample Address:

John Doe
1215 Main St
PMB FR-123
Tewksbury MA 01876
United States Of America

More FAQ

Can I declare My Own Tax Value?

We believe that you know the value of your packages more than we do. It is your shipment and you are fully responsible for it. We declare the Tax amount you want as far as you know that you are fully responsible in case of complications or package loss. Under-valuing your shipment is against most import regulations and is frowned upon.

How To Change Address At Post Office?

You can change your U.S address to have your mail forwarded to us by either:

  1. Visiting the local Post Office and complete the Change of address Post Card.
  2. Visit USPS.com to complete a change fo address
Never pay for change of address, it is a free service. Other private website may lure you in doing this for a fee.

What Is Consolidation Service?

We offer Free consolidation service to save you even more in shipping charges. For example, if you buy 2 Pair of shoes from Amazon, a watch from eBay and cell phone from Apple; shipping these 4 packages separately will cost you up to 60% more than if you ship them together in one larger box.

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