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We deliver the world to you! our mail forwarding service portfolio was designed with your in mind. We have tailored our service plans to fit a your needs: Expats, road warriors, international client or business, etc.. we deliver a mailbox rental that is custom made to fit your specific needs.

Our Expats reply on us to handle their US mail while overseas, we are trusted to manage their mail securely, on-time and keep their postage fees in line. Expats can benefit by keeping one address active for all their bill, IRS letters, Bank statement, credit card bills or tax and utility invoices.. They will not miss beat! Often their is no service disruption while they are away as we keep them informed of al their mailbox contents. We can also scan the contents of their mail and deliver instantly to their email inbox.

Clients and businesses overseas benefit by using our US virtual address to conduct business in the United State, shop over 4 Million retailers like eBay, Apple, Amazon, Buy, Bestbuy, Walmart, Kmart, Ralph Lauren, Microsoft, Dell, HP and many more..Our consolidation service save them hundreds and our aggressive international shipping rates will give them a bing bank for the dollar.

Concierge Service

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Concierge Service Simplified:

Have you ever wanted to purchase items from Online Retailer but could not because you do not have an American credit card or a US address? Many international shoppers like you often find it difficult to buy online for this reason. By using our personal shopper service, however, you will never have to restrict your options when shopping with American retailers online again! Our Personal Shopper Assistant gives you the freedom to purchase items from any American retailer online or in person! Use our US personal shopper service whenever you encounter an American retailer that does not accept payment via check, wire transfer or international credit card - or that only accepts PayPal, money order or requires a store purchase! With our US personal shopper service, you will never worry about how to pay for your purchases again! Let us be your personal shopper, saving you time and creating an exclusive shopping experience for you!

We will purchase from U.S and International retailers on your behalf with our Concierge Service company credit card, check or PayPal account. You get the peace of mind and the benefit from our credit card fraud prevention program. We take the risk, make the purchase and forward your goods. (*) Restrictions Apply.

From buying US magazines at 60 to 80% off regular prices to goods online, we can make the purchase for you, combine ship it for some of the lowest fees in the country. Personal shopper service is a great convenience that comes with peace of mind, we do all the work from A to Z. From buying to arranging delivery of your goods.

How To Use Our Concierge Service

  1. Tell us who you're buying from: Name of E-retailer such as Amazon, eBay, Buy, etc...
  2. Tell us what you want to buy: Item SKU, Link, Color, Size, Specs, etc..
  3. Once your request is received, one of our experienced Personal Shoppers will invoice you (Cost of Merchandise + Commission) and completes the purchase. Once the merchandise arrives at our warehouse, we will send you our normal notification and prepare the merchandise for shipping to your destination.
  4. For security reasons, orders of $500 or more will require payment in Western Union or Bank Wire.

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