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Select US Mailbox Rental Plan and subscription that fits your need by adding it to cart and checkout using Amazon, PayPal or any major Credit Card

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If You Plan On Using US Post Office to receive Mail, then you must complete form 1583 and our service agreement and send them back to us.

Mailbox Activation

This is the final step, after you pay for service and submit IDs, the application will be verified and your mailbox can be active in as early as 24 Hrs.
Form 1583 and Service agreements are only necessary if you plan to receive US Postal Service Mail. If You are getting packages delivered via FedEx, UPS or any private carrier, the forms are not needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you complete the application, your mailbox (PMB) Number will be assigned to you. It will be a combination of your country code and the number of the mailbox. Here is an example of a Mailbox address for a French customer:

1215 Main St

PMB FR-123

Tewksbury MA 01876

United States

You can download our USPS Form 1583 (Mailbox Application) HERE

You Can Download our service agreement HERE

The US Post Office will require two photo Ids to go along with your application. The only exception is when you get form 1583 Notarized by a US Notary public. Find List Of Acceptable Ids HERE
Once you complete the forms, you can scan into PDF files and email back to security@mymailforwarder.com or Fax to +(978)851-0531

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