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We deliver the world to you! our mail forwarding service portfolio was designed with you in mind. We have tailored our service plans to fit your needs: Expats, road warriors, international clients or businesses, etc.. we deliver a mailbox rental that is custom-made to fit your specific needs.

Our Expats rely on us to handle their US mail while overseas, we are trusted to manage their mail securely, on-time and keep their postage fees in line. Expats can benefit by keeping one address active for all their bills, IRS letters, Bank statements, credit card bills, or tax and utility invoices. They will not miss a beat! Often there is no service disruption while they are away as we keep them informed of all their mailbox contents. We can also scan the contents of their mail and deliver them instantly to their email inbox.

Clients and businesses overseas benefit by using our US virtual address to conduct business in the United State and shop for over 4 Million retailers like eBay, Apple, Amazon, Buy, Bestbuy, Walmart, Kmart, Ralph Lauren, Microsoft, Dell, HP, and many more. Our consolidation service saves them hundreds and our aggressive international shipping rates will give them a big bank for the dollar.

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Discover the ultimate shopping convenience with our Personal Shopper Assistance Program, designed exclusively for those seeking hassle-free access to the world's most sought-after merchandise. Whether you're eyeing the latest tech from Apple and Microsoft, unique finds on eBay, or top picks from Amazon, our service unlocks access to over 4.4 million online retailers, delivering your heart's desires straight to your doorstep.

Gone are the days of facing restrictions or availability issues. With our expert personal shopper team by your side, you gain an insider's advantage in acquiring hard-to-get items—from the newest gadgets to limited edition products. Our dedicated specialists handle every step of the purchase process, ensuring a seamless, secure, and satisfying shopping experience.

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