Free Consolidation Service


Free Package Consolidation Service

Our International Mail and Package Forwarding Company offer a Free Consolidation service to our international clients, allowing them to save 30 to 60% Off their postage and shipping rates. We offer Shipping Consolidation for individuals and businesses who like to make multiple purchases and enjoy discounts by bulk shipping those goods internationally from our US forwarding address. One of the greatest benefits of package forwarding is the ability to consolidate multiple packages from multiple retailers into a single shipment to reduce international shipping costsOur clients save a lot of money by shopping online in the US, but if you’re not taking advantage of our free consolidation service options, the international shipping costs might begin to cost you and affect your budget.

Packages can come to your US Address Mailbox in different ways. Even if you buy multiple items from the same US store, they might arrive separately depending on their size and shape. But since most shoppers buy from more than one retail store anyway, waiting for all your orders to arrive and then consolidating packages is really the most efficient way to ship overseas.. Here are three different ways consolidating packages for international shipping will save you money:

Package Consolidation Features:

This is the most common option that most customers use each time they ship. Let’s say you order a new sweater from Walmart, an iPad from the Apple Store, and a few more items from Amazon and eBay. Each of these items is going to come in its own box, and there will probably even be extra space in each box. You can consolidate packages by asking us to take the smaller items out of their boxes, remove packaging and invoices, and then put them all together in one large box. Your four or five packages just became one international shipment, one customs invoice and you are not paying for the extra Air and space in the smaller boxes.

Reduced Duty Taxes

Why pay taxes on 5 packages if you can pay for one? You might want to repackage your items to; avoid excessive import duties. For example, electronics like iPhones, iPads, and the latest fashion clothing often come in multiple layers of retail packaging boxes. They will often attract additional attention and calls for taxes. You can request that we discard these boxes and repackage your items in plain cardboard shipping boxes. This way, even if your package is inspected during customs clearance, your declared invoice will be the only indication of the package’s value. Please keep in mind that our company is not responsible for duty taxes, it is always the recipient’s responsibility, we declare the value you provide.

Environment Impact

Let’s face it, why have 3 or 4 delivery trucks stopping by your house if you can have one? The environmental impact is huge if you consider the mileage, the toxic fumes, and the crowded streets, so Consolidate your shipments for Mother Nature and rest assured that our company does its part in using 100% recycled material.

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