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Add this Digital Mail scanning package to your shopping cart along with any other Mail Forwarding Service to benefit from our secure Mail scanning technology. Get your US mail scanned and emailed to you instantly, no more waiting for snail mail or high postage fees! You no longer have to wait for the mailman, your US mail will be scanned and emailed to you instantly via PDF file attachment. You simply reply to our mail notification with “scan my mail” to authorize us to open your US Mail and scan it to your email address. We can shred the actual mail upon request and at no charge. We keep your mailbox Junk mail free, we remove all junk and spam from your mailbox automatically so you don’t have to waste your time paying for postage on unnecessary materials.

US Mail scanning has a long list of benefits including:

  • Timely delivery of your mail.
  • Cost savings, no need to mail your documents.
  • Eliminate Spam.
  • Decide on what mail to forward and what to shred.
  • Secure document destruction of all trashed mail.
  • Digital Mail in widely used PDF format.
  • Secure Mail Handling.

Digital Mail Scanning Service package will compliment any US mail forwarding service plan, cost as low as 75 Cents per page.Upon mail arrival to your inbox, you will receive an email notification from our warehouse, when you decide on scanning option, you simply replay “PDF My mail” or anything to that regards to give us permission to open your US or international mail, scan it and send it to you via non-encrypted PDF file in form of email attachment.

  • (*) To be able to sign up for this Digital Mail Scanning package, a Mail forwarding service plan is required.
  • (*) Package is for up to 30 scanned  pages per month.
  • (*) Additional Volume Rate is $0.75 per page.
  • (*) To get the latest Adobe Reader

4 reviews for Digital Mail

  1. Samuel Alexandors | Sydney Australia

    This is by far the best way to get your US mail delivered instantly. I am an American Expat who just relocated to Australia. I did not want to lose my Bank statements, IRS letters and my personal mail. I also did not want to spend a fortune in postage. Mail won’t reach me in Australia for a month via Priority mail or first class. This service allows me to have them open my mail (That I select) then they scan and have it delivered as PDF attachment to my Gmail account. A+ For service and convenience.

  2. Janice K | Sweden

    I agree with Samuel this is the best way to have your US mail follow you without missing a beat! I moved to Sweden and I was nervous that my us mail will be lost and did not want to ask my friends to collect my mail. This service helped me stay in touch. I receive my Bank statements and my mail via PDF into my Inbox and without spending a dime in postage. It is cost neutral for me. A++ for service, reliability and convenience

  3. 4 out of 5

    marvel Kiano From Australia

    This is a great plan but I wished it was a stand-alone where I did not have to pay for a mailbox but I understand the reason. It is worth the money after all. My mail is always scanned the same day and I get it delivered in my outlook right away. very reliable service for international mail forwarders like me in Australia.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Nadal Hinkowski From Ukraine

    I used to pay for postage fee to ship my mail to Ukraine and now all I have to do is make my mail to be scanned and I get it in pdf format in my family in minutes! what a great idea. I love it and it is very secure.

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