Personal mailbox

Rent Personal Mailbox

Why just rent a U.S mailbox from us? We know how busy you can be. You’re busy running your business and personal life, so let us take care of your U.S mail, packages and deliveries. When you get a mailbox from Neighborhood Parcel you’re getting convenience, your mail and packages are stored in our secure location, and the luxury of having your mail follow you anywhere in the world.

Personal Mailbox Difference

renting a Private Mailbox from us has many benefits:

  • Your U.S mail is safe in our controlled access office.
  • Your mailbox is private. We don’t disclose to others that you have a mailbox or your identity.
  • We’ll sign for packages for you.
  • You will be notified via email of packages and mail arrival to your mailbox.
  • Free Consolidation service.
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