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What is The Difference Between P.O. Box and PMB?

Perhaps you have wondered why there are many people who opt to use private mailbox than a P.O. Box. There are many people who choose to get a private mailbox because of a number of reasons. Primarily, a private mailbox is used for home businesses but more and more people use a private mailbox for privacy matters as well.

The main advantage of private mailbox compared to P.O. Box is the fact that you no longer have to stay at home to wait for a package delivery. This also eliminates the risk for your valuable shipments to be placed at your doorstep where they may be damaged. Through a private mailbox, you can receive packages from any carrier and securely hold them at one location for you to pick up at your convenience.

More so, private or personal mailboxes from the Neighborhood Parcel Store offer you options such as receiving email notifications and signing for your UPS, FedEx, DHL shipments. The notifications can be either via mail or text, which alerts you whether your package has arrived and ready for pickup. This definitely makes everything easy for you since unnecessary trips to the post office are eliminated.

Small-scale businesses often use private mailboxes for these purposes. Through private mailbox, it becomes easy for them to handle their orders. They can also be sure that all their packages are safely secured so there is no risk for it to be lost amidst the many packages delivered in the post office. This way, you can be sure that your package is secured until the time that you can pick them up.

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Private Mailbox Advantages

Business owners of small businesses need only to provide the street address of their business. With this, in case business owners run their business outside of their home, there will be no need for them to provide their home address. The actual street address of the business itself is fine, plus it will also add a more professional touch.

Since private mailbox services provide 24-hour access, there is a great convenience that is discovered bit only of small-scale businesses but as well as established businesses. They all love it and you to will surely love the convenience of just providing a street address, plus the option to receive email or text notifications.

Private mailbox services also offer additional services such as mail holding and forwarding. This means that your package can be either held at a secure location for you to pick up. Or else, you can have the packages delivered to you, wherever you are. This is definitely a better option that you having to go over post office to post office just to pick up your package.

A private mailbox offers you with advantages such as privacy, reliability, mobility, security, full-service package services and an actual street address, instead of a P.O. Box. This makes everything easy and convenient for your business, whether it is home-based or not. With all these advantages, there seems to be no reason for you not to get a private mailbox instead of a .P.O. Box.

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