U.S Post Redirecting Service

U.S Post Redirecting Service is becoming more and more in demand by both American Expats and International clients. Anyone looking to maintain a U.S address to collect their mail, bank statements, IRS notices, or simply receive Amazon, eBay shipments can take advantage of this great service. Our company has developed a plan to help redirect the U.S Post to your location anywhere in the world and without having to be physically in the U.S territory.

U.S Post Redirect Features

RentUSmailbox.com can do more than just assign a PO BOX to your name, we have a long portfolio of Mail redirecting services that include:

We serve a large population of RV’ers, American Expats, and International clients anywhere from Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil to Australia, Japan, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, and The United Kingdom. For the avid online shopper and the fashion follower, you will find that our U.S Mailbox address is accepted worldwide include at over 4 Million Online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Apple stores, Walmart, Macy’s, Microsoft, Dell, and Ralph Lauren.

How Do I Redirect My U.S Post

Having your own U.S Address can have its privileges but it does not have to be hard! RentUSmailbox.com has developed an easy three-step application process to help your redirect your American Post to any location you want:

“This is Mandy from Australia and I writing to thank you for helping me with my online shopping. I had difficulty purchasing from Amazon and some eBay sellers that refused to ship my purchased products to Australia. The ones that ship to me charge a large amount of money that it was not worth buying. Your free consolidation service was exactly what I was looking for and my closet thanks you. Now I have some nice shoes and dresses I can show off!”

Mandy Alexander Sydney Australia

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