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When considering a mailbox rental service, particularly for international Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft store shoppers living abroad, emerges as a leading choice, offering distinct advantages over competitors like iPostal1. has been serving customers since 2007 and is recognized for its innovative approach and commitment to technology, ensuring a high standard of customer satisfaction. The company’s services are not limited to a standard PO Box; they provide a genuine U.S. street address, which is crucial for receiving packages from private carriers that require a physical address and signature upon delivery. This feature is particularly beneficial for international shoppers who frequent stores like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, as these stores often require a U.S. address for delivery.

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One of the standout features of is its digital mail service, which starts at a competitive rate. This service allows customers to have their mail scanned and forwarded electronically, offering the convenience of accessing mail anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for those who need timely access to their mail without the delay of physical shipping. Additionally, offers a package consolidation service, which can lead to significant savings on shipping costs. This is ideal for avid online shoppers who make multiple purchases. By consolidating several packages into a single shipment, international shipping becomes much more economical.

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The security and privacy policies of are also noteworthy. They have a strong commitment to protecting critical information assets against unauthorized access, modification, and destruction, which is a vital consideration for anyone receiving sensitive or valuable items. Furthermore, provides a range of subscription plans suitable for both personal and business use, with options like concierge services and virtual office setups. This flexibility ensures that whether you’re an individual shopper, a business, or an expatriate, there’s a plan that fits your specific mail-handling needs.

In contrast, while iPostal1 also offers digital mailbox services,’s combination of technology, security, customer service, and its wide array of services tailored to the needs of international shoppers, especially those frequenting major U.S. online retailers, positions it as a superior choice for many customers.

By providing a reliable U.S. address, secure mail handling, digital mail services, and cost-effective shipping solutions, stands out as a comprehensive solution for international shoppers looking to access U.S. online stores.

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